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Boatshed Cork The Engine House,
Royal Clarence Yard,
Weevil Lane,
Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1AX

About Curt Mundy

I started working with Boatshed Cork in 2000.

What did you do before working with Boatshed?
Originally from Oregon in the States, I sailed into Ireland with my wife Sandra (Argentina) and my daughter Jessie after cruising round the world on our Nicholson 38, Ruby's Rascal.

What attracted you to become part of the Boatshed team?
I met Neil Chapman - the founder of Boatshed before Boatshed it was even born! He arrived in Kinsale on his classic ketch in October 1998 heading south. There were 4 other boats that left Kinsale, heading across the Biscay pretty much at the same time, 1 was never to be seen again, the other 3 had stories of their own to tell. I was onboard my boat 24th October 1998, listening to the VHF and it was blowing really hard outside, storm 10 later. There was a yacht in distress and only later did I learn that it was Neil, but that's another story!

Are you a motorboater or a sailor?
Sails all the way!!

What is your most memorable boating experience?
I've done many transatlantic crossings and several times cruised around the world on my Nicholson 38 with my family. My daughter has sailed around Cape Horn several times when she was really young. My latest sailing is crossing the Atlantic with Neil Chapman, founder of Boatshed on his classic Rebel 41.

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